Mixmax Comparison with Vocus.io

Considering to switch from Mixmax or a Mixmax competitor? Find out why Vocus.io is your best alternative. Here we will examine three dimensions: price, features, and experience. Below is our summary.


Mixmax monthly plans are $12/$29/$65. If you pay annually, those plans are $9/$24/$49. Vocus.io on the other hand will only accept monthly payments, with three payment plans: $5/$10/$20. There is no upfront payment with Vocus.io.


The following comparison is between Vocus.io Professional and Mixmax Professional.

Vocus.io Professional

Mixmax Professional
Price, monthly $20 $29
Price, annually $20 $24
Email and link tracking
Snippets & templates
Snooze and scheduling
One-on-one auto followups
Single- and multi-stage mail merge
Personalized attachments with mail merge
Email verification and prospecting
Auto BCC and Salesforce integration
Teams and centralized billing
Zapier & API integration
Slash commands


Vocus.io takes a substantially different approach to user experience than Mixmax. Vocus.io installs a single button on top of your inbox that blends with the rest of Gmail's theme; we strongly believe in a minimalist user interface, one that will not slow your browser nor will hijack your Gmail experience.

Mixmax on the other hand will replace your Gmail compose box with their own (in the form of an embedded iframe). This brings several disadvantages, including overloading your browser (i.e. slowing things down) and not playing nice with other Gmail extensions, such as Grammarly. Mixmax will also rebrand (or re-color) some elements of Gmail with their own brand.

This summary is written in March 2017. For a more accurate comparison that might include recent updates, we encourage you to skim through Mixmax's website and ours, especially under the pricing pages.

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