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$20 Inbox

Email tracking

Unlimited, per-recipient, real-time, email opens and link clicks. i

Templates & Snippets

Unlimited, full templates and short text snippets for repetative blurbs.

Send Later & Snooze

Unlimited, email scheduling and reminders.

Automated Followups

Fully customizable and automated one-on-one 'gentle reminders'. i
50 Followups 100 Followups 500 Followups

Salesforce & CRM Integration

Integrate w/ Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others via API or auto BCC. Campaigns


Personalized bulk email campaigns with detailed reports.

Campaigns w/ Followups

Fully customizable and automated one-on-one 'gentle reminders'.

Campaigns w/ Attachments

Include attachments and personalized slide decks.

Branded URLs

Customize unsubscribe and link tracking with your own domain. i

Core Features


Share analytics, templates, and centralize billing.

CRM Integration

For Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others via auto BCC.

Max Personal Inboxes

You can connect multiple Gmail / G Suite inboxes. i
5 Inboxes 5 Inboxes 10 Inboxes
Need higher limits? contact us for Growth Plan ($80/mo) with external SMTP support


30 days trial, no card required.

Do you charge per inbox?

No. You can connect your personal email ( and your work email ( without being charged for each email inbox. See our policy around using multiple emails.

Can I try before I buy?

You bet. Sign up for free and you will get a 30 day trial. The trial period is limited in the number of scheduled emails, followups, and mail merge contacts. Users on paid plans can unsubscribe any time - no annual payments.

Can I pay for my team?

Yes. You will be able to enroll team members under a single payment account. Optionally, you will be able to share templates, reports, and analytics.

Do you support Google Inbox or Outlook?

Today we support Gmail and G Suite for Business. We do not support Google Inbox or Outlook.

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