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Spreadsheets, sticky notes, and CRMs to keep track of leads? A followup email will certainly double your chances for a response, but you have other things to take care of.

With one-on-one automated followups, you can design a personalized, multi-stage sequence of emails that are sent to your non-responsive recipients. Configure your Gmail Email Automation once and let do the work until you get a response.

For example, if your recipient does not respond to your email within a period of time you specify, an automated email (typically a gentle reminder) would be sent on your behalf after two days. Another reminder after four days. Etc. allows you to create multiple stages with personalized wait periods and email bodies. You can also create templates for reusability and faster outreach.

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Just like you sent them

A followup email is exactly like a regular email, and there's no way to distinguish between the two. You can customize the time and day to the minute (such as 8:12am), and personalize the message to be more relevant to that individual lead.

Accurate response-check

Before sending out a followup message, will search for email messages from that lead received after the followup was created in its Gmail email automation. This includes replies within the same email chain or outside of it. Any email from that lead after the original message date will be recognized as a response and will halt subsequent followups.

Ninja fast!

Followups can be attached to snippets. This means that you can attach a personalized sequence of emails with only a few keystrokes, also copying any placeholders from the snippet to the sequence. Following up with leads has never been faster!

Share your sequences

Users part of the same team can selectively share followup sequence templates with other members. That way you can all work from the best "gold" copy and collaborate on improving it.

How can I check the status of my followups?

From the dashboard screen navigate to "Followups". The Running list shows followups that are currently active. The Inactive list shows followups that are paused or ended in the Gmail email automation created. A delayed message (sent through Send Later) will appear in the Inactive list until it is sent out.

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5 seconds to sign up. 30 days to try. Countless hours saved.

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