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Connect multiple calendars

Vocus.io Calendar will read your availability from multiple calendars, such as your personal and professional calendars. It works with both Gmail and G Suite calendars.

You can also sync with calendars you have access to, such as Team Calendar or the calendar of a specific colleague. No more overlapping meetings.

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Granular availability settings

You can specify exactly what days of the week you're available and what hours. No one will be able to book you on a weekend or in an inconvenient hour.

Flexible meeting durations

You can customize the length of your meetings as you need. You can also give the visitor the option to choose a meeting of different lengths, such as 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Advanced scheduling settings

No one wants a short notice meeting - for example, a surprise meeting one hour from now.

With Vocus.io Calendar you can customize how soon meetings can be, how far in the future you can be booked, and how much minimum time buffer you want between meetings.

Custom branding

First impressions matter. You require full control over the look and feel to reflect your professional brand.

Your logo, your colors, your tagline, and your own domain name.

Custom questions

Sometimes you need to have key information about your upcoming meeting in order to prepare or qualify a lead. For example, how large is their company, what is the most important topic/product they want to discuss, etc.

You can customize a list of questions for visitors to answer in order to submit a booking. It's like a mini-survey before a meeting.

Zoom integration

Meetings could take place as a video conference. Vocus.io Calendar enables you to integrate with your Zoom account, and automatically generate a unique conferencing link for each meeting you book.

Automatic timezone detection

Sometimes your customers are in a different country. Vocus.io Calendar will show them the time slots according to their own timezones; no need for calculating time differences and daylight savings.

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