Snooze for Gmail

Snooze is an easy way to attach reminders to messages in Gmail, whether you sent those messages or received them. A message will be "bumped up" to your inbox after a period of time and can include a personal note. This is a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Only if they don't respond

Check this option to tell to only bring it to your attention if they don't respond by the date you specify. If you check this box and they respond before that date, the reminder will be automatically deactivate and you won't be bothered about it again. If the reminder expires and you don't hear back, the message will return to top of your inbox.

Use natural language

Set a specific time and date, such as "11/24/2018 at 8pm" or use natural human language, such as "Monday 8am". You can also use relative time, such as "tomorrow 8am". For faster workflow, click on any of the middle buttons and the time stamp will be populated according to your selection.

Add a note to self

Add a micro-note to yourself to refresh your memory on what you had in mind. Especially handy for far-in-the-future reminders.

Canceling a snooze

All snoozed messages are moved from your inbox to your "Snooze" folder. You can unsnooze those messages in the same way you snoozed them.

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