Snippets and Templates

Writing the same blurb of text over and over? You can customize to automatically expand a keyword to a long blurb of text. Great when you find yourself typing the same message, over and over, such as introductions, thankyous, signatures, and product lists or descriptions.

You can customize snippets from the Dashboard > Snippets screen.

Slash command

Don't touch that trackpad. To lookup your current snippets, type a forward-slash '/' followed by part of the name of your snippet. Hit enter and it will immediate insert that perfect piece of text. You can customize the trigger key ("/") to any other character, such as: #, @, !, etc.

HTML formatting

A snippet of text can be anything from normal unformatted text, to bullet points with links, to a well-formatted signatures. You can also paste custom HTML elements with images or tables.

Share your snippets

Users part of the same team can selectively share snippets with their colleagues. That way you can all work from the best "gold" copy and collectively improve it.

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