Whether you're selling to a CEO, pitching to a journalist, or applying for a job, the website's contact form will not get you anywhere. You need to have one of the best prospecting tools on your marketing deck. helps you find the direct email address of the right person in almost any organization. It offers two operations: validate emails and find emails.

Validate emails

Unlike all other prospecting tools, Vocus’s has a unique way to validate emails. Email validation is a way of determining whether or not an email account is active and receiving messages, i.e. deliverable. We utilize a combination of DNS, MX, SMTP and social methods to determine whether an email address exists. Our method works without sending a message to the email owner, so they will not receive notifications of any kind.

Find emails

The Find Email screen takes in a first and last name and a domain address, creates multiple possibilities of an email address, and runs those possibilities through the email validator. This is a great way to find the email of a prospect when you are unsure about the email pattern used in their company.

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