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Considering to switch from Yesware or a Yesware competitor? is the #1 alternative to Yesware. It differs in three ways: price, features, and experience. Below is our summary.


Yesware plans are $12/$25/$55 and the latter two do not allow monthly subscription. This makes simple features (such as Salesforce integration or team sharing) require an upfront investment for the whole year. In the case of Yesware Enterprise, that upfront cost is $660. on the other hand will only accept monthly payments, with three payment plans: $5, $10, and $20. There is no upfront payment with


The following comparison is between Professional and Yesware Enterprise. Other Yesware plans were ignored given the limited feature set. Professional

Yesware Enterprise
Price, monthly $20 N/A
Price, annually N/A $660
Email and link tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Branded URLs
Snippets & templates
Snooze and scheduling
Automated followups
Single- and multi-stage mail merge
Attachments with mail merge
Email verification and prospecting
Auto BCC and Salesforce integration
Teams and centralized billing
Salesforce sidebar in Gmail
Slash commands

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Some notable features

  • Auto-Followups: Yesware only supports automated followups on bulk email campaigns, not single contacts. When sending a one-off message, say you found a random prospect, you cannot assign a sequence of emails for that individual. supports both scenarios: bulk email followups via Mail Merge and one-off followups via Auto Followups.
  • Branded URLs: Yesware will wrap all your links with Yesware-branded URLs. Showing your prospects that they are part of a large robot campaign is something that credible companies will want to avoid. supports custom domains, which increases your email deliverability score and adds that extra notch of credibility. Learn more.
  • Slash Commands: Yesware is heavily designed around point-and-click. As such, inserting a template will typically require multiple mouse clicks. relies on slash-commands whenever possible, such as inserting a partial template or assigning a followup sequence. For those who frequently answer the same questions, write the same blurbs of text, this is a significant efficiency improvement Learn more.

Experience takes a substantially different approach to user experience than Yesware. installs a single button on top of your inbox that blends with the rest of Gmail's theme; we strongly believe in a minimalist user interface, one that will not slow your browser nor will hijack your Gmail experience.

Yesware will replace Gmail branding with their own and introduce a number of buttons and toolbars in several places.

This summary has been updated on October 2018. For a more accurate comparison with Yesware that might include recent updates, we encourage you to skim through Yesware's website and ours, especially under the pricing pages.

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