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Are you considering to switch from Mailshake or a Mailshake competitor? Find out why is your best alternative.

tl;dr. Mailshake is a good fit if all you're looking for is to send a mass email campaign with A/B testing. If instead you find yourself living in Gmail/GSuite (sending one-off outreach emails to leads, sending followups, coordinating meetings, setting reminders, all this in addition to mass campaigns) then is a better fit. There's a price delta as well.

Here we will examine three dimensions: price, features, and experience. Below is our summary.


Mailshake requires you to pay upfront before signing up. Their monthly plans are $29/$49. If you pay annually, those plans are $22/$37 per month. on the other hand will only accept monthly payments, with three payment plans: $5/$10/$20. There is no upfront payment with and it will not lock you up on a yearly plan.


The following comparison is between Professional and Mailshake Professional. Professional

Mailshake Professional
Price, monthly $20 $29
Price, annually $20 $22
Email and link tracking
Branded URLs
Snippets & templates
Snooze and scheduling
One-on-one auto followups
Single- and multi-stage mail merge
Personalized attachments with mail merge
Mail merge A/B testing
Email verification and prospecting
Auto BCC and Salesforce integration
Teams and centralized billing
Zapier & API integration
Slash commands

Experience is a different product class than Mailshake although they both serve the same purpose. lives within your Gmail/GSuite, improve your overall workflow, and campaigns is one of many features it provides. It's the Swiss-Army knife for email outreach. Mailshake is a single purpose and standalone product that is only meant for mass outreach - i.e. will not help you when reaching out to a single lead from your Gmail.

This summary is written in June 2018. For a more accurate comparison that might include recent updates, we encourage you to skim through Mailshake's website and ours, especially under the pricing pages.

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