Make Gmail your competitive advantage. is a Chrome extension that brings brilliant productivity to Gmail:
  • Track email opens and link clicks, accurately
  • Find any person's email from their name
  • Automate "gentle reminder" followups
  • Schedule emails to be sent at the right time
  • Launch multi-stage mail merge campaigns
  • Integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Templates, polls, snooze, and more


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Track accurately

Have you ever sent an email and just waited, not knowing whether recipients received or took action? tells you who, when, where, and how your email was opened.

Classical email trackers fail when you send a message to a group of people - instead, you'll get a notification that "Someone" opened your email. will tell you exactly who opened it.

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Automate your followups

Spreadsheets, sticky notes, and CRMs to keep track of leads? A followup email will certainly double your chances for a response, but you have other things to take care of. allows you to create a sequence of "gentle reminders" to be sent out at exactly the right time until you get an answer; instantly doubling your response rate.

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Write now, send later

A 10pm email on a Friday is likely to be buried by Monday. allows you to schedule your email to be sent at the best time to win your recipient's attention.

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Book meetings instantly

Instead of back and forth emails for every meeting, allows you to share your availability and poll the invitees in a single message. The content of the poll will automatically change to show responses from each invitee, allowing everyone to know who's-available-when without the usual infinite thread.

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Attach smart reminders

Never let things fall through the cracks. allows you to attach reminders to outgoing or incoming emails, surface them to top of your inbox only when you don't hear back, and attach micro notes.

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Gmail, profoundly better.


Know exactly who read your email, when, and from where. It accurately works even with multiple recipients.
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Craft effective text nuggets to quickly insert in repetitive emails. Things like introductions, thankyous, signatures.
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Find the email of almost any person in your target organization, just by typing their name.
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Send personalized and automated "gentle reminders" until you get a response.
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Mail Merge

Send hundreds of personalized multi-stage emails and get detailed reports on your campaigns.
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Personalized Attachments

Reach out to leads with personalized slide decks, customized with their logo and details.
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Share your availability with teammates and decide on a meeting time from a single email.
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Specify a time for your emails to be sent; make sure you're at top of their inbox the next Monday morning.
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Archive low-priority messages to a later time or set reminders if they don't respond.
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Create multiple teams, centralize billing and share analytics with members.
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CRM Integrations

Native Salesforce support in addition to auto-bcc support for other CRMs such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc.
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Fast and light

Blazing fast, incredibly lightweight, smooth and minimal UX. Type a forward slash (/) anywhere to insert a feature.
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