Woodpecker.co Alternative

Considering to switch from Woodpecker.co or a competitor? Find out why Vocus.io is your best alternative. Here, we will examine three dimensions: price, features, and experience. Below is our summary.


Woodpecker.co paid plans start at $40 per seat/month/mo. Their Team Pro plan costs $504/seat/yr.

Vocus.io, on the other hand, has 3 simple monthly payment plans: $5/$10/$20. There is no upfront payment with Vocus.io.

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The following comparison is between Vocus.io Professional and Woodpecker.co.

Vocus.io Professional

Price $20 $50/mo or $504/yr
Email and link tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Branded URLs
Snippets & templates
Snooze and scheduling
One-on-one auto followups
Single- and multi-stage mail merge
Email verification and prospecting
Auto BCC and Salesforce integration
Teams and centralized billing
Zapier & Webhooks integration
API Integration

Some notable features

  • Gmail compose box: Woodpecker.co integrates with Gmail via APIs. Vocus.io on the other hand lives right inside your Gmail inbox, as part of your Gmail compose box, bringing features like templates, per-recipient tracking, meeting instant booking, and other productivity features to your Gmail flow.
  • Lack of one-on-one followups: Woodpecker.co does not allow you to create followups within your everyday Gmail conversations. It doesn’t function outside of mail merge.


Woodpecker.co and Vocus.io are of different breeds even if they have feature overlaps.

Vocus.io lives within your Gmail/GSuite. It improves your everyday email workflows and bulk outreach (via Mail Merge) is only one of the many features.

It's the Swiss-Army knife for email outreach. On the other hand, Woodpecker.co is a single-purpose and standalone product that is only meant for mass outreach - i.e. will not help you when reaching out to a single lead from your Gmail.

This summary was written in March 2019. For a more accurate comparison that might include recent updates, we encourage you to skim through Woodpecker.co's website and ours, especially under the pricing pages.

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