Comparison with differs from in three ways: price, features, and experience. Below is our summary.

Price monthly plans are $23/$36/$50. If you pay annually, those plans are $18/$29/$40. on the other hand will only accept monthly payments, with three payment plans: $5/$10/$20. There is no upfront payment with


The following comparison is between Professional and Professional. Professional Professional
Price, monthly $20 $36
Price, annually $20 $29
Email and link tracking
Per-recipient tracking
Snippets & templates
Snooze and scheduling
One-on-one auto followups
Single- and multi-stage mail merge
Email verification and prospecting
Auto BCC and Salesforce integration
Teams and centralized billing
Zapier & API integration
Slash commands

Experience takes a substantially different approach to user experience than installs a single button on top of your inbox that blends with the rest of Gmail's theme; we strongly believe in a minimalist user interface, one that will not slow your browser nor will hijack your Gmail experience. on the other hand introduces a number of buttons and checkboxes in the Gmail Compose window, in addition to toolbars and branding in several places.

This summary is written in August 2017. For a more accurate comparison that might include recent updates, we encourage you to skim through's website and ours, especially under the pricing pages.

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