4 Reasons For Email Marketing Automation in 2020

Email marketing is alive and well.

Contrary to what your local “marketing guru” might tell you, email marketing remains to be a highly relevant, and highly lucrative method for drawing in leads and boosting conversions. You already know what your market wants--email marketing simply makes it easy to show them that you’re the business that can give it to them.

Every business is recommended to have an email marketing system up and running in order to maximize their sales, and the task is much easier than you might believe. Now that technology makes it possible to personalize and send emails through an automated system, putting an email marketing plan together is as easy as configuring software (or leaving it to an agency that can do it for you).

Read on for a list of ways email marketing automation can improve your business.

1. Track Your Visitors’ On-Site Activity to Send Targeted Emails

One of the major breakthroughs in 21st Century marketing is site and email tracking: the ability to monitor and compile data about the habits and behavior of each individual who visits your business’ website.

Email marketing automation takes advantage of this, and allows you to segment your base of site visitors based on what they do from the moment they first step foot on one of your landing pages. If a visitor spends a lot of time browsing your catalogue, you can shoot them an email promoting sales and discounts. If a visitor browses for a minute before leaving your site, you can send them clear reasons why they should consider what you have to sell.

The future of marketing is now, and email automation is your ticket to ride.

2. Effortlessly Send Personalized Emails

It’s common marketing wisdom that customers respond well to a personal touch. The same rule holds for the topic at hand: personalized emails are more likely to be read, and better at delivering returns on your investment.

Email templates can be written and designed to fit the best strategies you’ve identified when tackling your various leads and customers. This means you only ever have to draft a single email for each of your market segments, and leave the rest to software. What the customer sees is an email written with care: one that addresses them by name, plays to their interests, and makes an offer they can hardly refuse.

3. Track Your Email Campaigns’ Performance Without Breaking a Sweat

Our favorite thing about email marketing automation is how easy it is to see how well the system is working.

Traditional marketing campaigns rely on a big amount of luck. Sure, you could put a billboard up, but how many purchases does it really inspire? We’ll never know. Today’s email marketing, on the other hand, comes with a wide array of metrics that show you how well you’re doing.

Whether it’s tracking interactions and conversions for a single segment of your target market or assessing the performance of your entire email marketing operation, the system makes it easy to make smart, data-driven decisions at a glance. You can track how many people open your emails, how many people click links embedded into them, and even how many people redirect to your website through your email campaigns.

4. Outperform Social Media Marketing Tactics

With the way bloggers and thought leaders talk about social media, you’d think it was the most viable place to find new customers. Email marketing continues to astound, however, with a customer acquisition rate around 40 times better than social media marketing as per McKinsey.

On its own, email marketing is a force to be reckoned with. But given the hard data supporting its edge over social media marketing (a.k.a. the golden goose for many of today’s marketers), one can’t help but wonder why it isn’t getting as much attention nowadays.


Email marketing automation is simple and easy to deploy for businesses of virtually any size. Moreover, it’s stood the test of time to prove effective in delivering conversions and drawing in leads --marketers have been tapping into its potential since the earliest days of the internet. Today, it has an estimated ROI of 4400%.

Give your business the edge it deserves. Go for email automation.


By Khalid