4 Hacks to Drive More Sales via Email Marketing

Sales development is a very crucial, yet unappreciated, division for many organizations. It’s at the forefront of the sales process-- a welcoming team of sorts for potential partners and clients.

Despite what you may have heard, email marketing is alive and kicking. It remains to be one of the most essential tools to attract and retain potential customers. It isn’t going anywhere.


However, when the total number business and consumer emails sent and received around the world in a given day hits 281 billion, you’ll have to do more than drum together an FYI to grab the attention of potential clients.

For a thicker email marketing playbook, have a look at our four hacks on gaining more sales through email marketing.

Get Personal

All of us want to be acknowledged. Feeling like a random name on a person’s checklist doesn’t encourage conversation-- nor does it encourage conversions. Since sales development is all about establishing a connection, it’s time to get personal when writing your emails.

With email marketing, it pays to walk the line between professional and relaxed. While that sounds tricky, it’s really just a simple matter of tweaking your word choice. Using I instead of our company goes a long way, and so does using your target’s first name instead of clinging to Mr., Ms. or whatever prefix you feel applies.

Sound Human

Who genuinely enjoys talking to a chatbot? Nobody.

As much as possible, your emails shouldn’t sound like a prefabricated message --but they shouldn’t sound like an emoji-stuffed text to a friend either.

Try and aim for a direct and dynamic voice when sending cold emails and asking for follow-ups. Let go of the generic, Hi, I’m writing to inform you of such and such, when a simple, Hi Jared, I discovered your company on LinkedIn and thought such and such would suffice. Likewise, don’t be afraid to try for some humor every now and then.

The secret is to try and get them to respond based on the likeability and sincerity of your writing style alone. Get straight to a human tone, and start as early as your subject line.

Perfect Your CTAs

If you want to succeed in sales development, you have to make sure that your client has a clear idea of what to do after reading your email.

Granted, this isn’t entirely on you --we know that no matter what you do or say, your clients’ responses are completely up to them.

Still, making a strong call to action can do wonders for your conversion rate. Leave them with the idea that scheduling a call for more information is the right thing to do --and ignoring your email would be impolite.

For example, you may want to say, Mind letting me know what you think? instead of, Tell me what you think!

Follow Up

If you want to get anywhere in sales development, you have to follow up. Email marketing is discouraging when companies don’t reply, but winning in the cold email game is a matter of toughing it out.


The right follow up email-- one which is concerned, better yet is an automatic follow up which takes the task off your plate-- can get you the reply you’re after. Don’t make them feel guilty for not replying to you; instead, nudge them into answering you.

There’s no universal rule or how, or how often to follow up. Test the waters, observe your clients, and find an approach that works best for you.


Email marketing is a great way to establish connections with potential clients. While getting a response is not always a guarantee, there are ways to make sales development easier for you.

In the end, politeness, courtesy, and communication will take you places-- all at the click of a button.


By Khalid