How to Automate Follow-Up Emails 'After no Response' (schedule email sequences for cold outreaches)

According to Marketing Donut, only 2% of sales happen at the first meeting. Nowadays you usually have to follow-up with your clients with multiple emails and even phone calls. However, with the increased number of clients, this task can be difficult to manage. Meeting Donut concluded that 92% of salespeople give up after four attempts. However, 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say yes.

In order to become more efficient at communicating with your existing clients and prospecting new leads, you can try our Automated Followups feature. With our one-on-one automated followups, you can personalize multi-stage sequence of emails that automatically get sent to your non-responsive recipients. Simply configure once and let do the work for you.

For example, if your recipient does not respond to your email within a period of time you specify, an automated email - which will look like a regular email – will be sent after three days. Another email after two more days. Etc. However, if a recipient does respond - whether it is a reply within the same email chain or outside of it – will stop subsequent followups.

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How to schedule Automated Followup Sequences:

  1. After writing your first outreach email, click on the icon > followups

  2. Choose from the available templates or you can create your own

  3. Edit wait periods between each email and personalize each stage

  4. Check the status of your followups by navigativing to your Dashboard > Followups

You can add more stages, edit wait periods between each stage (email) and personalize email bodies. You can also create templates for reusability and faster outreach.

Automated followups can also be used when sending bulk outreach campaigns. Users under the Professional Plan will be able to add and schedule personalized automated followups for their campaigns.


By Mariam