You + Email Tracking + Automated Followups + Meeting Coordination + Send Later + Snippets = Super you

Your unfair advantage for Gmail


Know exactly who read your email, when, and from where. It accurately works even with multiple recipients.


Send personalized automated "gentle reminders" until you get a response. No more slipping through the cracks.


Share your availability with teammates and choose a time from a single email. No more 20 emails for every meeting.


Collect votes from multiple contacts using a minimal, interactive widget - exactly like inserting an image!


Specify a time for your emails to be sent; make sure you're at the top of their inbox the next Monday morning.


Craft effective text nuggests to quickly insert in repetative emails. Things like introductions, thankyous, signatures.

Undo Send

Recall the email you just sent and refine your message. Nothing is lost.

Multiple Accounts

Connect your personal and professional email accounts. Access all data from a single dashboard.

Fast and light

Blazing fast without the weight! Type a forward slash (/) anywhere to insert a Vocus feature.

Accurate tracking

Have you ever sent an email and just waited, not knowing whether recipients received or took action on your email? Vocus tells you who, when, where, and how your email was opened.

Classical email trackers fail when you send an email to a group of people - instead, you'll get a notification that "Someone" opened your email. Vocus will tell you exactly who opened it.

Blazing fast snippets

You've been writing too many introductions, thankyous, nice-to-meet-yous. Or maybe the same pitch for your startup or the same brief for your potential employer.

Vocus Snippets allows you to create nicely formatted nuggets of text that you can quickly insert into any email. HTML allowed!

Automate your followups

Spreadsheets, sticky notes, and CRMs to keep track of leads? A followup email will certainly double your chances for a response, but you have other things to take care of.

Vocus allows you to create a sequence of "gentle reminders" to be sent out at exactly the right time until you get an answer; instantly doubling your response rate.

Learn more.

Write now, send later

A 10pm email on a Friday is likely to be buried by Monday. Vocus allows you to schedule your email to be sent at the best time to win your recipient's attention.
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